• Image of Studio Holiday Minis

This set is a preliminary design. I may make some tiny changes when I set it up again come November, but here you can get an idea of the simple style and neutral color scheme.

This year wardrobe will be everything. Color palettes should be khaki, cream, mustard, gray, champagne, small pops of wine and burgundy, blue grays, very small pops of deep blue greens and of course gold will compliment the set perfect.

These will be for families of up to 2 adults and 2 children.
*Please be aware that the older the kids are and the more people we add it will cover the background more and mostly likely be waist up holding the kids, so again, wardrobe choices will be important since the background may not be seen as much.

Up to 3 children if no parents are taking part but here's your fair warning; please be realistic about three children (let alone one little one) on a small set in under 15 minutes. It could get absolutely chaotic and just might not happen. My goal is not to disappoint but babies and toddlers can be soooo hard to get together. Any babies taking part must either be held by a parent (or sibling over the age of 10) or be a stable, independent sitter.

Each session is 15 quick minutes, includes private online proofs of 5-10 images to choose from, a digital high-resolution download of your favorite image (provided in both black and white and color). Keep in mind that bright red does not convert well to black and white though. Your download will include personal use rights so you can print it, post on social media, make holidays cards and basically do anything you want except edit over it with filters or try to sell it.

Please come in with the expectation one walking away with ONE goal photo. If little ones are up for more and you'd like to purchase additional after viewing your proofs, you can download additional images for $20 each.

Checkout disclaimer: I am in no way in control of the checkout process through Big Cartel. In the past high traffic trying to check out at once has caused errors. If you have a session in your cart and an error occurs during checkout and your purchase does not go through there is nothing I can do about it unfortunately.

After successful checkout: You will be able to confirm successful checkout when you receive a digital receipt in your email. After that comes through, please email me at info@devonanne.com with your best email address to let me know you've purchased a session. Within a few days I'll record everyone's payment, send over a contract, all the details you'll need, and a great What to Wear board to help you choose clothing for your session.

Phew!! Done :)

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